Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 77 (07/22): Daphne du Maurier - Rebecca

Today's books is a "modern" classic I have never even heard of before the musical duo Kunze/Levay - the geniuses behind "Elisabeth", "Tanz der Vampire" and "Mozart!" - decided to adapt the story into a musical. I listened to the music and the lyrics without knowing what the story was about, and it was quite an unsettling but entertaining experience :).

Thankfully this meant that I knew the story before reading the book, hence I was less scared and got through it faster. Plus points all around.

It also led me to this sketch which is mean, but hilarious:"Mitchell & Webb - Rebecca". (Youtube hates me right now, so I can't embed the video directly. I apologize if this leads you into a video-watching loop you won't get out of for the rest of the afternoon or evening. (I don't.))

(3.5*-review of today's book under the cut)

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