Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 80 (07/25): Peter Carey - The Chemistry of Tears

Peter Carey - The Chemistry of Tears

Having to catch up on a lot of days means squeezing in everything that could help. And a handbag book that is 75% done certainly helps a lot!

I have my main read. (Right now it is whatever I am reading to catch up.)

I have books that I'm currently reading, usually a fiction and a nonfiction book - right now the nonfiction is "The Swerve" (see list), and the fiction is nonexistent.
I have two or three books on my bedside, where I tend to reread certain chapters when I am down or can't sleep (that is my #1, "Lycidas", and right now also Victoria Coren's and David Mitchell's memoirs).
I have a book that I will read when I have downtime around the house - say in the kitchen or in the bathroom. (Right now this is the French version of the first Harry Potter book.)

And then I have a handbag book, which isthe only other book apart from my main read that I am ACTUALLY reading. If I have a handbag book that I can't get out of my head, it will get promoted to a main read. The bad news now is that I need a new one. "The Chemistry of Tears" kept me company for more than six months. I think Chris Colfer is next.

(5*-review of today's book under the cut)

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